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May 9 9:00 AM-16:30 PM

May 10 9:00 AM-16:30 PM

May 11 9:00 AM-16:30 PM

Mr. Brian BAO
027 8421 8632
Mr. Edwin QI
027 8421 8662
QQ: 2976274180

Exhibits Scope

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Assembly Systems:Turnkey Assembly Systems According to Assembled Workpieces,Turnkey Assembly Systems According to System Type,Basic Assembly Machines and Interlinking Assembly Systems,Manual Assembly Workstations
Handling Technology:Industrial Robots and Manipulators, Handling Modules, Grippers and Clamping System, Feed Technology And Conveyor Technology,Packaging Technology
Assembly Technology:Screwing Technology,Joining Technology for Inserting, Press-Fitting and Fastening,Riveting Technology,Welding Technology for Joining Metals and Plastics,Bonding, Molding, Sealing, Foaming,Industry Automatic Technology,Dismantling Technology and Recycling, Marking Technology
Drives-Control-Testing:Semi-Finished Goods, Racks, Enclosures and Safety Technology,Mechanical Drive Components,Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Lubricating Technology,Electric Drive and Installation Technology,Sensors and Identification Systems,Controlling Technology and Industrial Communication,Machine Vision, Measurement and Testing  
Intelligent Logistics in Production Line:Intelligent Transportation Systems,Automatic Storage and Retrieval System,Automatic Packaging System,Automatic Material Handling System,Monitoring  and  Identifying System,
Software and Services,Software,Organisation,Services