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Trumpf launches unified software service for smart factories

Source:本站      Click:471      Time:2017-09-30

German laser and sheet metalworking machinery maker Trumpf AG, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machine tools, has launched a unified software offering for its technology’s users, taking in both cloud computing capabilities and locally installed packages.


Unveiled at this month’s Blechexpo in Stuttgart, ‘TruConnect’ is hailed as “your route to connected manufacturing”, with its central thrust being to support efficient flexible manufacturing, regardless of batch size. With the worlds of machines and IT merging, this new service allows companies to realise “their own personal smart factory”, the company offers.

The service tackles this by providing cost-effective solutions to both upstream and downstream tasks of programming, job preparation, ‘intralogistics’ and invoicing, for example, which remain the same, regardless of batch size, but for which the costs are, says the company, getting out of control. “TruConnect allows you to create transparency, and information is available wherever and whenever you need it,” says Trumpf.

TruConnect is no spontaneous development, the company points out. “For over 10 years, we have also been consulting customers about lean manufacturing, based on Synchro. TruConnect will further enrich this approach, as intelligent digitalisation and connection make lean production even more efficient and flexible,” it says.

While the offering has a single name, the actual capabilities that any one company requires will, however, differ. Says Trumpf: “We visit your facilities and assess your factory’s current level of connectedness and analyse your processes. On this basis, we then draw up recommendations for implementation.”

Services that are offered within TruConnect include:

Automatic quotations, based around: AXOOM (a browser-accessed business cloud platform, see below*), TruTops Calculate and WebCalculate

Efficient production planning, based around: AXOOM, TruTops Boost, TruTops Fab and TruTops Fab Module Storage

Connected production, based around: AXOOM, dot matrix code, integrated tool management, laser and laser systems, machine tools, MobileControl app, smart functions, TruTops Fab, TruTops Fab app and visual online support

Optimum intra logistics, based around: dot matrix code, TruMark and TruTops Fab app

Easy despatch and completion of orders, based around: AXOOM, dot matrix code and TruTops Fab.

TruConnect benefits claimed for a quotation when using WebCalculate are 2 min versus 55 mins. “Just upload a DXF file and get a personalised quote. It’s a quick, easy and reliable method that works around the clock – and TruTops Fab lets you seamlessly transfer the data to your production process,” says Trumpf.


* Founded by Trumpf this year, AXOOM ( is a browser-accessed “digital business platform for manufacturing companies”. It is further described as offering “tailor-made modules [that] span the value chain, from order and resource management through to reporting. Designed to connect systems, as well as machines and workplaces, the platform gives a complete view of production”. The company is working with partners that include measurement and metrology specialist Zeiss, and sensor expert Sick.